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Gear Pack is available in 4 different sizes to suit any budget.

- The Basic Box. At $29.99, this is a great way to start collecting some great basic and essential gear at an amazing price. each box includes 4 - 8 items. Featuring top brands, this box is guaranteed to be worth much more!

- The Basic Plus Box. For only $54.99, you get everything that comes in the basic box and more. Every "Basic Plus" box will come with some form of blade or tool. It’s guaranteed to be awesome!

- The Advanced Box. This box is a great value at only $109.99. included in every box is 6 - 12 items. You get everything that comes in the Basic Plus, but you also get some higher valued items such as Cree LED flashlights, high quality backpacks, tents, military watches tactical and self defense items or other amazing high quality products.

- The Ultimate Box. This is where it at! For $159.99, this really is the ultimate box. It comes with everything else that the "Advanced Box" comes with, plus it also comes with a high quality premium brand knife that is guaranteed to be worth more than the extra $50 that you will pay for this box. You will not be disappointed!

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