Grim Workshop D2 Steel Axe Card

Grim Workshop D2 Steel Axe Card

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Credit Card Knife and Axe Multi Tool Blade

Is it a Knife? is it an Axe? It's Both! It's a credit card knife and more. Grim’s axe card can be used as an everyday carry knife or attached to a branch and used as a lightweight axe for building and creating other tools, shelters, and more.

The Axe Card is a lightweight axe, but it can also function as an EDC knife. Slip this tool into your wallet, a sheath, or a small tin, and its always right there for you.



  • Made in the USA- This tool was designed, produced manufactured, and had its materials sourced here in the U.S.A
  • Credit card sized- Sized to fit into a wallet, small tin, or small pocket
  • Extra Thick - 1/8" thick steel, sharp and durable, ready for a lifetime of use!
  • Stainless steel- highly corrosion resistant surgical grade Hardened stainless steel, Tough and functional.
  • Multifunctional Design- The multifunctional nature of this tool means it's handy for everyday use, as a knife, or for use in the bush, as an adze for woodworking and construction in the bush. 
  • Items included- Items included- Axe Card (Knife and Axe multitool )
  •  Dimensions - 3 38 × 2 18 "

Multi tool blades

The Axe Card is about function and purpose. Designed to work with you every day as a knife, axe, chisel, or pry tool, it's credit card sized design means convenient to carry, with hardened stainless steel construction for strength and durability and incredible corrosion resistance. The chisel style grind on the Axe Card was incorporated for easy sharpening, maintenance, and increased functionality for working and shaping wood. This tool is the perfect companion for the bush or in the concrete jungle thanks to its compact design and nearly limitless carry options thanks to its credit card sized footprint.