Gear Pack Emergency Bivi

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The Gear Pack Bivy is compact, lightweight and durable. Remove it from the sack and unfold it to use as an improvised survival shelter tent or sleeping bag. The bivi sack features a paracord drawstring and a 120-decibel emergency whistle.

1-person bivy sack functions as a emergency blanket, survival sleeping bag, or survival shelter
Includes paracord drawstring & 120-decibel survival whistle
Extra-thick 26um polyethylene material
Durable, tear-resistant and weather-resistant
Reflective interior reflects up to 90% of your body heat
Seam-sealed edges keep wind, rain, and snow out
Bright orange color maximizes your visibility to rescuers
Reusable thermal bivy sack folds up into waterproof stuff sack
All items are 100% reusable
Lightweight — just 4.1 ounces