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The nanoSPARK™ is an ultra-compact firestarter designed for use with high surface-area tinders such as quickLIGHT™. It can also be used to easily light camp stoves. The nanoSPARK™ was designed to be used one-handed with quickLIGHT™ tabs. These tinder tabs can be stored within the waterproof body of the nanoSPARK™. 

U.S Patent No. 10,408,450


  • quickLIGHT™ Tinder (5 pc) 



One-handed Operation
Not only is the nanoSPARK™ easy to use with little practice but it is also operable with one hand in the event of an injury.

Replaceable Flint
The flint is easily replaceable by removing the brass screw inside the tinder capsule. Up to 5 extra flints can be stored inside the tinder capsule.

Tinder Storage
Unscrew the body from the flint holder to reveal a quickLIGHT™ tab. Fluff the tab with a knife or pull apart with your fingers and it'll catch on the first spark!

High-Spark Flint Wheel
Our custom designed flint wheel features larger, deeper teeth that create a ferrocious spark. When your tinder is properly prepared the nanoSPARK's high-spark flint wheel makes for a quick light.

Lanyard Slot
Use this to secure the nanoSPARK™ to your gear, around your neck or to attach extra tinder such as a tinderZIP™ zipper pull.

An o-ring in the flint retaining screw and an o-ring in the tinder capsule ensure that your tinder will stay dry and ready to use.

Anodized Aluminum Body
The nanoSPARK™ is CNC machined, in house from USA high-grade 6061 aluminum then anodized for protection in one of four signature Exotac® colors.