Elite First Aid Camo Platoon Medical Kit

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Camo Platoon First Aid Kit

The New Platoon first aid kit comes in a new pouch with MOLLE System straps. It comes shrink wrapped with a contents list.


Item Quantity  Item Quantity 
2″ Elastic Bandage 1 Pill Bottle 1
Alcohol Wipe 4 Iodine Wipe 4
BZK Antiseptic Wipe 4 2″x2″ Gauze Pad 5
Bandage Strips 1″x3″ 16 Conforming Gauze 4″x4.1 yds. 2
First Aid Instructions 1 Pair of Gloves 2
Rolls of Tape 2 Pain Reliever 10
Instant Ice Pack 1 5″x9″ Abdominal Pad 5
4″ Pressure Bandage 1 First Aid Cream 2
Tweezers 1 Scissors 1
Lip Balm 1